Golden Velvet Honey Infused Wine


16/18.11.2023 Interwine China International Wine Exhibition
5/10.11.2023 China international Import Expo, Shanghai
5-10.11.2023 The 6th China International Import Expo, Shanghai Shanghai, China
9.9.2023 Emall platform sales event, Hong Kong
30.8.2023 SIAL Innovation Award for Honey Infused Red and White wines
28/30.8.2023 SIAL Shenzhen, SIAL Global Food Industry Summit Shenzhen, China (This exhibition does not be confirmed yet)
28/30.8.2023 SIAL Global Food Industry Exhibition in Shenzhen, China
22.8.2023 Super 8 Hotel Wine tasting Event, Fujian China
21.8.2023 SIAL Innovation 2023 competition, Honey infused Red and White Bend Awarded the eligibility into the final competition round (this Competition is for new created food in ingredient/marketing promotion idea/production technique)
25.7.2023 JoySun International Enterprise Empowerment Platform wine tasting event
29.4/1.5.2023 The 9th Labor Day Quality Healthy Living Shopping Expo & The 2nd Maternity and Baby’s Products Expo The Venetian Macao Cotai Expo, Macau
26/28.5.2023 Hong Kong Mall “Food Expo” Event Bonjour Center, Hong Kong
26/28.5.2023 HKMall Food and Taste Exhibition, Hong Kong
27.4.2023 South Africa National Day 2023 Celebrations
11/15.4.2023 International Consumer Products Expo Hainan, China
1/2.4.2023 HKMall Customer Appreciation Day Event, Hong Kong
16/19.3.2023 BNI Wine Tasting and Food Fisherman's Wharf Macau
23.2.2023 Hanligent Wine Tasting K11, Hong Kong
9.2.2023 Hundreds of Charities Event - Wine Tasting Hong Kong
10/11.1.2023 Hong Kong International Wine Fair 2023 HKICE, Hong Kong
17.12.2022 Pink Chill Chat Wine Tasting and Networking Fringe Club, Hong Kong
5.12.2022 BNFC 6th Annual Dinner and Wine Tasting Hong Kong
18.11.2022 Marry Mary event Wine Tasting and Food paring Club Deluna, Hong Kong
23.9.2022 Cheese and Wine paring party Wine tasting and food paring Hong Kong
9.9.2022 Oyster & Wine Tasting Event OS Oyster Station, Hong Kong
20/21.8.2022 D2Place One Drunkard Around Weekend Event Hong Kong
15.5.2022 Art and Light Wine promotion Hong Kong
11/12.12.2021 Island Beverley Weekend Event Wine promotion Hong Kong
5/7.11.2021 Hong Kong International Wedding Expo 2021 HKICEC, Hong Kong
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